Courtesy: Fairfield University

Prepping For The Future

Courtesy: Fairfield University
July 12, 2016

FAIRFIELD, Conn. – People often say that the summer going into the senior season is the most important offseason for any athlete. When the public makes this statement, they are usually referring to the work in the gym preparing an athlete for their final season, their last year to perform. What most people don’t see is the importance of their final college summer off the field which could set up a student-athlete for their future. Most student-athletes across the country have taken the advantage and work at internships in their field to gain experience in their study and build connections for after college. For the Fairfield University Women’s Soccer team: Cassidy Boegel, Brenna Brown, and Anna Borea are prime examples.

“As these young ladies enter their senior year, it is important that they get started in gaining experience in their chosen field,” Head Coach Jim O'Brien said. “Throughout a college career, balancing academics and athletics is a year-round challenge. Our student-athletes are highly regarded by employers due to their background in sports and their success in the classroom.”

Cassidy Boegel – GANT (New York, N.Y.)

Rising senior Cassidy Boegel is spending her summer working on Wall Street. Boegel is currently in the midst of an internship at GANT, a global clothing company based out of Sweden. Although the company is based in New Haven, Conn., Boegel’s office is in Wall Street in the Ecommerce department. There, she is learning about the background processes and systems that companies utilize to run their websites and sell their products. It incorporates different aspects of the marketing, wholesale, and finance departments as well.

Being a student at Fairfield has allowed me to easily transition into my role as an intern at GANT for a multitude of reasons.  One of these is having the ability to easily communicate with my bosses and coworkers.  Since the class sizes at Fairfield are relatively small, it allows for the opportunity to build a relationship with professors, and I feel as though I have taken that experience.  Additionally, being a student-athlete and learning how to manage my time in order to get work done along with playing soccer has been an extremely important aspect of my time at GANT thus far.  If I am given multiple different projects or tasks to work on that are due by a certain time, I have confidence that I will be able to manage each one and submit them on time.

Brenna Brown – Cigna (Bloomfield, Conn.)

Another talented on field performer, Brown is taking advantage of her final collegiate summer by interning at Cigna, a healthcare company in Bloomfield, Conn. At the company, Brown is working in the Actuarial Executive Development Program (AEDP), a program that helps both full-timers and interns to eventually reach professional certification.  She is working on a project in the group reserving department, which is in charge of keeping a reserve fund for future claims from group insurance policies.  The project specifically involves analyzing the behavior of Cigna's Retained Asset Accounts (RAA) in order to determine the sufficiency of the reserve funds and improve the investment strategies. 

 As interns we also participate in company-wide case studies and speaker series in order to gain a broader understanding of the company and the healthcare industry.  Nearly every industry deals with uncertainty, and actuaries are known to be extremely analytical and well-versed in a variety of fields, including math, economics, finance, statistics, etc.  In addition, the people I am working with are some of the smartest people I have ever met!

Anna Borea – Norwalk Courthouse (Norwalk, Conn.)

One of the best defenders in the MAAC, the team captain Borea has turned her attention to law. The senior is currently interning locally in Norwalk, Conn. as part of the Bail Commissioner’s office at the Norwalk Courthouse. In that department, she has gained valuable experience as she looks for opportunities in her future, stating that she has always been interested in law and law enforcement.

My experiences at Fairfield have prepared me for this internship because I have learned time management.  This skill has prepared me for my internship because I have been able to manage and prioritize, as well as calculate the tasks that they give me to complete.  From when I walk in the door, to when I walk out of the Norwalk Courthouse, time management plays a large role in my day, as far as accomplishing all of my work on time. Furthermore, the diversity that I have been exposed to as being a part of the Fairfield University Women’s Soccer team and the Athletic department as a whole, has prepared me when working with the wide range of people that walk into the Bail Commissioner's office. 

The trio of the Stags and the rest of the 2016 squad will kick off their campaign on Friday, August 19 at UC Irvine at 10pm EST.




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