Courtesy: Fairfield University

Rowing Teams Race At Fall Metropolitan Championships

Courtesy: Fairfield University
November 06, 2016

            NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. -- The Fairfield University rowing teams competed at the annual Metropolitan Rowing Championships, posting a first-place finish in the women's varsity 4C race and several second-place finishes in other events.

            The varsity 4 featured three different races as the A boats competed against each other to open the day. The Stags finished third with a time of 8:12.4, behind Fordham (7:41.5) and Marist (7:54.7). Fairfield's shell consisted of Katie Clark, Colleen Sheridan, Cat Clough, Maggie O'Donnell, and Allison Sloan.

            In the varsity 4B race, the Stags secured a second-place run with a time of 8:12.64 with Fordham taking the top spot in 7:52.1 Leanne Anderson, Tiffany Iannucci, Claire Lavelle, Katrina Kirschgaesser, and Ani Dennen comprised the Fairfield boat.

            The final varsity 4 race resulted in the Stags crossing the finish line first with a time of 7:58.4, edging out Fordham (8:03.6) and Stevens Tech (8:09.8). Fairfield's entry included Katie Unfried Chloe Scherpa, Jackie Ozyjowski, Laura Miles, and Nolan Campbell.

            The novice 4 ended with a third-place finish for the Stags, completing the course in 10:02.0. Fordham won the event (8:07.9) followed by Marist A (8:32.4) and Fairfield. Laura Mason, Mikyala Gloria, Michaela Bassett, Nicole Chrysler, and Sarah Van Steenbergen donned the Fairfield colors.

            The women's varsity 8 also featured three races with the Stags taking second place in the A race as well as third in both the B and C events. Fordham captured the top spot in the first race (6:54.2), followed by Fairfield (7:13.8), Marist (7:15.6), and Sacred Heart (8:01.1). The Stags entry included Leanne Anderson, Tina Chalastra, Nolan Campbell, Mallory Burlington, Dani McKenna, Bri Mullaney, Kelsey Carthew, Lina Foncello, and Ani Dennen.

            In the second race, Fordham C secured the first-place spot with a time of 7:28.8 with Manhattan (7:47.1) and Fairfield (7:55.3) filling out the top three slots. Liz Bouregy, Amanda McKenna, Claire Lavelle, Tiffany Iannuci, Julia Cooper, Melissa Iannucci, Sarah Van Steenbergen, Katrina Kirchgaesser, and Rachel Sansone competed for Fairfield.

            The final varsity race included another third-place finish for the Stags (7:25.9) with Fordham (7:06.8) and Marist (7:04.2) took first and second places. Katie Clark, Colleen Sheridan, Eileen Keenan, Maggie O'Donnell, Cat Clough, Laura Miles, Allison Sloan, Chloe Scherpa, and Jackie Ozyjowski.

            In the novice 8, Fairfield completed the race in 8:49.3 which was fourth in the event, trailing Marist (7:34.4), Sacred Heart (7:57.2), and Iona (8:28.7). Laura Mason, Mikayla Gloria, Michaela bassett, Jamie Jubb, Aileen Morley-McLaughlin, Kaitlyn Sweeney, Erin Godfrey, Areltte Medina, and Maddie Feeley.

            On the men's side, the men's varsity 4A and the men's varsity 8 each secured a second-place finish during the day's competition. In the varsity 4, Marist grabbed first place in 6:59.9 with the Stags coming just behind that boat with a time of 7:04.0. Kara Reese, Casey Fuller, John Imor, Lars Erickson, and Will Quentin comprised the Fairfield entry.

            The varsity 8 also completed the course with a second-place finish, crossing the line with a time of 6:17.8, seven seconds behind Marist's time of 6:11.5. Fairfield edged out UConn (6:20.6), Fordham (6:29.8), and Iona (6:44.0), thanks for the efforts of Kara Reese, Seamus O'Brien, Matt Sutter, John Imor, Casey Fuller, Will Quentin, Lars Erickson, Jordan Greco, and James Mulhall.

            The novice 8 picked up a fourth-place finish in its event with a time of 7:23.5, trailing Marist (6:21.6), UConn (7:02.7), and Iona (7:06.4). The Stags were represented by Justin Elderton, Nick Herringshaw, Brendan McMahon, Charlie Riordan, Liam Creegan, Sam Goodwin, Nick Ryan, Matt Daza, and Richard Saganey.

            The day also included competition for the varsity 4B and the varsity 4C crews with the B boat securing fourth with a time of 7:42.0 and the C shell taking second in 7:11.4. The B entry included Tim Valente, Seamus O'Brien, Matt Sutter, Jordan Greco, and Nick Greco. The C crew was comprised by Matt Stevens, Mark Soldatic, Charles Cooper, Mike Clarkson, and Chris Connolly.




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